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Starting Group Classes

All prospective members start with a 15-20 minute free consultation with Head Coach and Co-Owner, Coach Brooks. In your consultation you'll discuss your goals and workout/injury history, we'll explain the services we offer, and then we'll answer any questions you may have.

After your consultation, new members join our Brightside Fundamentals program. In this 4 week personal training + group class program, new athletes will learn how to safely perform the most common movements utilized in our group classes. More specifically, Brightside Fundamentals is designed to:

  1. Teach athletes key movements and techniques used in our group classes

  2. Help athletes develop strategies for modifying workouts according to their current abilities (the technique known as “scaling”)

  3.  Show new members proper gym etiquette.

If you have 6 months or more of previous experience at a CrossFit affiliated gym or working with a USAW-certified coach, please contact us to discuss waiving the requirement to start with the Fundamentals program.

About Brightside Fundamentals

Our Brightside Fundamentals program is a 4 week program that combines personal training sessions and select group classes.

New members complete 3 personal training sessions designed to help them learn how to safely perform the most common movements utilized in our group classes. After each personal training session, your trainer will identify which classes on the regular schedule may be appropriate for you to attend based on your current skills and abilities. New members should plan to attend at least two group classes a week in addition to their personal training session.


In order to "graduate" from the  Brightside Fundamentals program and transition to an Unlimited membership, athletes must attend at least 6 regular group classes in addition to their three personal training sessions during the course of their one month Fundamentals membership. Attendance at the additional regular group classes is critical for memory retention and motor development as some of the movements are relatively complex and require practice to improve.


The cost for Brightside Fundamentals is a one time charge of $345. The program is subject to our personal training calendar availability and fluctuates each month. Please please contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss availability.

Ready to join?

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Starting Personal Training

Every personal training engagement starts with a free 20 minute assessment and consultation. During the consultation we'll discuss your current goals and ask about your past experience and injuries to confirm we're a good fit. After the initial consultation we'll design a package to meet your goals and budget.

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