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The Legend of Rat Tail Athletics

Rat Tail Athletics

"But I thought your name was 'Brightside Barbell.' What's with Rat Tail Athletics?"

If you're confused, allow us to let you in on the joke. It all started with an unfortunate haircut at the end of 2019. Perhaps an omen, if you will, of more unfortunate events to come...

Before the shutdown, Co-Owner and Head Coach Brooks got an accidental Rat Tail which they thought hilarious... until barber shops closed down indefinitely. So Brooks did what any red-blooded American would do. They obstinately doubled down on their Rat Tail commitment, growing and nurturing it through the shutdown (see historical records on Instagram for photographic evidence). After two years, it has now become a part of the family, a sentient being that continuously tries to dictate the marketing direction of the gym.

This led to Brooks INSISTING that Rat Tail Athletics become the actual name of the new gym. Co-Owner Emily, the pragmatic and practical Virgo that she is, of course vetoed this, BUT STILL, RAT TAIL ATHLETICS LIVES ON IN OUR HEARTS!

So there you have it.

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